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  1. What are the specific uses of SQL functions?
  2. Can you technically explain how memory allocated and lock pages works?
  3. What are the Hardware requirements for SQL Server Cluster?
  4. What is the default ordering of data using the ORDER BY clause?How could it be changed?
  5. When sql appeared?
  6. What is recursive stored procedure?
  7. What is the quickest way to list out all database objects and their permissions to user details?
  8. I want to display a result query from joining two tables with 20 and 10 rows respectively. Erroneously I forget to write the WHERE clause. What would be the result?
  9. Sql who is connected?
  10. Sql who is using database?
  11. Sql who is connected to database?
  12. What are the differences and advantages between In-Place Upgrade and Side-By-Side Upgrade?
  13. From your experience what are the most common reasons that causes log shipping failures?
  14. How many IP Addresses we require for setting up ActiveActive SQL Server cluster with Analysis services?
  15. What is the use of the NULLIF function?
  16. How do you search for a value in a database table when you don't have the exact value to search for?
  17. What is the purpose of the MERGE statement in SQL?
  18. What is the difference between the NVL and the NVLfunctions?
  19. My requirement is to disable lock escalation only for a specific table. Is it possible?
  20. Any idea about filtered index?Why indexed views when we can achieve the same with filtered index?
  21. What is data Integrity?
  22. What Quorum mode you recommend for a given cluster?
  23. What are the specific uses of SQL functions?
  24. What is a view?
  25. Can you be able to explain how memory allocation for SQL Server?
  26. What are the log files SQL Server on Windows machine?
  27. Can you describe the events occurs when a failover happens??
  28. Who is logged in?
  29. What sql tutorial to learn?
  30. What is a foreign key?
  31. Sql would be truncated?
  32. Will sql become obsolete?
  33. Why sql over access?
  34. Sql who created stored procedure?
  35. Sql who created table?
  36. Who sql command?
  37. Which sql keyword returns a subset?
  38. Which sqlite should i download?
  39. Which sql certification is best?
  40. Which sql to learn?
  41. Where sqlalchemy?
  42. Where sql not null?
  43. Where sql contains?
  44. Where sql like?
  45. Where sql multiple?
  46. Where sql date?
  47. Where sql or?
  48. Where sqlite?
  49. When sqlerror exit?
  50. When sql syntax?