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  1. How to recover a database that is in suspect stage?
  2. What are the different releases of SQL Server?We usually talk about RTM, RC, SP, CU etc. right, what are the different releases of a SQL Server product and what do you know about them?
  3. What is a Database?
  4. When you upgrade a SQL Server, the upgrade wizard seems to stop responding and fails sometimes. Why?
  5. Have you ever encounter the issue media family on device is incorrectly formed”?If yes what is the reason and how you resolved it?
  6. We have upgraded databases from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2015 and now the upgrade hits the production. Unfortunately a part of application is not supporting SQL Server 20Do we need to Rollback entire process to SQL 2005?Is that the only solution?If i
  7. Can you tell me the best feature in SQL Server 201ALWAYSON Failover Cluster when compared to SQL Server 2008 RFailover Cluster?
  8. What is a constraint?
  9. Can you modify the rows in a table based on values from another table?Explain?
  10. What are the added improvements for database mirroring in SQL Server 2016?
  11. What is the pupose of DML statements in SQL?
  12. What is your approach in AUTO_GROWTH option while creating a new database?
  13. Starting from SQL Server to 2016, from which edition the licensing model has been changed?
  14. You want to display a result query from joining two tables with 20 and 10 rows respectively?
  15. Does all dirty pages written to disk when an automatic checkpoint occurs?