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  1. Can you be able to take an example and explain how histogram works in cardinality estimates?
  2. Have you ever configured both log shipping / Database Mirroring and replication on same database?If yes can you tell me the things that we need to consider?
  3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Stored Procedure?
  4. Which is the best way to monitor replication?Have you ever implemented automation in replication monitoring?
  5. Discuss the syntax and use of the COALESCE function?
  6. Scenario: Transnational replication configured on a database. A transaction failed on Publication. Does the failed transaction replicated to subscriber?
  7. Does TDE prevent the security administrator or database administrator from seeing the data in the database?
  8. When the network connection fails for hours between principal and mirror database, also we have been performing log backups on principal server. When we perform log backups on principal server this truncates the log then how can it be synchronize with the
  9. If I apply both FORCESCAN and FORCESEEK on the same query what will happen?
  10. We have been using SQL Server cluster instances for our applications. Now our client required a name change for SQL Server Network name which is being used by our applications to connect to SQL Server cluster instance. How do you change SQL Server network
  11. What is the difference between Temp tables and Derived tables, Table variables and temporary tables?
  12. What is a relationship and what are they?
  13. If password policy is enforced; can you tell me the new password rules and policies to make sure the password is strong?
  14. How to know the estimated TEMPDB space required for running CHECKDB command?
  15. How to monitor latency in replication?
  16. How Min and Max server memory options impact memory usage from SQL Server?
  17. We have a role Rcreated. This role is granted to INSERT and UPDATE on all tables. I have mapped 20 users to this role R Now these 20 users have got the INSERT and UPDATE permission as the role is granted. But now I wanted to DENY INSERT permission for one
  18. Can you describe any strange issue that you faced while installing SQL Server?
  19. What is normalization?
  20. Documentation is part of a DBA responsibility. Can you describe what all the things a DBA should document?
  21. Have you ever implemented Application Roles in your environment?
  22. Which operation is faster COMMIT or ROLLBACK?Why?
  23. What is the difference between the NVL and the NVLfunctions?
  24. What are the various ways to handle the bad parameter sniffing?
  25. Is it mandatory to configure MSDTC in Windows Server 201cluster before installing SQL Server cluster?
  26. We have configured Database Mirroring with automatic fail over mode. When an auto fail over happens from principal to mirror what about the applications which are connecting to the principal server?Does it possible to implement the automation that allows
  27. What is transaction safety in database mirroring?
  28. What is collation?
  29. What are all different types of collation sensitivity?
  30. Here is a scenario: When we are monitoring memory usage by one of the SQL Server instance, surprisingly SQL Server is using more memory than Max Server Memory configuration. Any idea why it's happing?
  31. As we know that dynamic SQL should always be executed using sp_executesql” so that it can reuse the execution plan from cache. I believe you aware of this. Here is my question, how SQL Server can identify plan from cache in-case of dynamic SQL?We know t
  32. What is a trigger?
  33. Can you be able to technically explain the log shipping process?
  34. What are the most common problems/limitations in SWITCHING-IN and SWITCHING-OUT a partition?
  35. Now tell me what is your solution?
  36. I have an indexed view, now base table data has been modified, does the modified data reflected in view automatically?
  37. Why don't we just backup SQL Server Database Files (MDF, LDF and NDF) using Windows backup tool instead of SQL Server native backup?
  38. What are the ALWAYSON improvements added in SQL Server 2015 and 2016?
  39. What are the different tools available while upgrading SQL Server?
  40. You are leading a DBA team and one of your team members came to you and reported that he has executed an UPDATE command without WHERE CLAUSE on production database. Now that entire table has got updated with the wrong data. How do you handle the situation
  41. What is an Index?
  42. We are using In-Memory feature for one of our production database. The database contains memory-optimized tables. Can we run DBCC CHECKDB on this database?Does it support?
  43. In database mirroring what are the events happens when an automatic failover occurred?
  44. I have node Active/Passive failover cluster on SQL Server 201built on Windows Server 201R Now on active node SQL instance one of the databases is not coming online due to a page corruption. Can you get it online by initiating a manual failover to other no
  45. How SQL Server Relational Engine works in processing SQL queries?
  46. What is DBMS?
  47. What are the most common symbols/operators used for SQL Injection?
  48. What is TEMPDB PAGELATCH Contention and how to resolve it?
  49. In your production environment mirroring is configured for one of the premium database and you are asked to cross check the configuration. Can you elaborate what are all the options you would check for?
  50. If a table contains duplicate rows, does a query result display the duplicate values by default?How can you eliminate duplicate rows from a query result?