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  1. What is the sequence to install service packs or hotfixes on an instance of SQL Server that is part of Log Shipping/Database Mirroring/Replication/Failover Clustering / Always On environment?
  2. Can we be able to find out who changed the password for a SQL Login?If yes explain.?
  3. What are various DML commands in SQL?Give brief description of their purposes.?
  4. Does query plans generated only for stored procedures?If No, what are the various database objects for which Query Plans get generated?
  5. Can we change the Quorum settings after installing the windows cluster?
  6. Let's say we have enabled a trace flag to log deadlock information in SQL Server error log. What kind of information we can get from the log?
  7. Have you ever observed the location of log shipping related SQL Agent jobs?
  8. What are the things involved in installing SQL Server 2008 R2/2012/2014/2016?
  9. What are the reason that leads to Internal, logical and extent fragmentation?
  10. What is the alternative way for NOT IN/NOT EXISTS/EXCEPT?
  11. What is RDBMS?
  12. What are the log files generated while InstallingUpgradingApplying (packages) SQL Server on Windows machine?
  13. I have restarted my windows server. Can you be able to explain how memory allocation happens for SQL Server?
  14. Have you ever encountered the error message” Subscriptions getting expired” and subscriptions being marked as inactive”?What does it mean?
  15. You find SP is not applied on all the nodes across the cluster. How to apply SP only on required nodes?
  16. What is a view?Why should you use a view?
  17. What is the purpose of the NVL function?
  18. How to perform tail log backup on primary server in case of failover?
  19. I have been using SQL Server backup statement inside an explicit transaction. If I rollback the transaction what will happen to my backup?
  20. We have a SQL Server cluster instance. As business required we would like to install a new database which is not critical and failover not required in-case of any issues. Can we keep this database files on local disk instead of clustered disk?
  21. What's wrong in the following query?
  22. Since you are an experienced DBA you might have seen the issue SQL Server service is not starting” right?Can you describe the top common reasons that cause SQL Server service failure?
  23. What is CLAUSE?
  24. How do you insert null values in a column while inserting data?
  25. What is recursive stored procedure?
  26. How to resolve the orphan user problem?
  27. What is a stored procedure?
  28. What is the new security features added in SQL Server 2016?
  29. We have configured transnational replication for one of our production database (TB) which is in SQL Server 20Replication is running successfully and now we have a requirement to add a new article. Can we be able to add a new article without generating sn
  30. What is the default ordering of data using the ORDER BY clause?How could it be changed?
  31. What are the Hardware requirements for SQL Server Cluster?
  32. We are not able to connect to SQL Server. Can you list out what are all the possible issues and resolutions?
  33. Did you observe any change in slipstream between SQL Server 2008/Rand 201versions?
  34. What are all the parameters we need to check when a stored procedure is running slow?
  35. What is SQL DUMP?Have you ever dealt with this?
  36. Where are the real time situations where we can use database snapshots?
  37. What is the Difference between Asynchronous-commit mode and Synchronous commit mode?
  38. Let's say a user is performing a transaction on a clustered server and failover has occurred. What will happen to the Transaction?
  39. How to change the SQL Server service account in a cluster environment?
  40. Can you be able to explain how deadlock detection algorithm works in SQL Server?
  41. Let's say we have a premium production server and it is in ALWAYSON Availability Group. You observe that CPU utilization is hitting top at a specific time in a day. You did an RCA and found that CPU utilization reaches top and most CPU is from backup proc
  42. Since we are looking for a SQL Server SME, we would expect you to define and implement security best practices in our enterprise database environment. From your experience can you list out few points to enforce security for SQL Server?
  43. What are all the different normalizations?
  44. What are the types of subquery?
  45. Which statement is used to add a new row in a database table?
  46. If SHRINK DATAFILE is having the bad impact why it's still available in SQL Server?
  47. Have you ever heard the words RTO,” RPO” and RLO”?
  48. What is the change you most liked in SQL Server 2016 installation procedure?
  49. Have you ever faced any issues with SQL Server Error Log?How do you manage SQL Server Error log?
  50. What's the difference between Always On AGs in SQL 2015 and SQL 2014?