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  1. What's a coding project I could do that'll efficiently make me an intermediate PHP programmer in terms of knowing a good number of coding principles?
  2. Why does a for loop with i as 10, a condition set as i greater than or equal to 0 and update statement is i equals i divided by 3, count infinitely?
  3. There are 2 concrete implementations of the sqlParameterSource interface. Which implementation class wraps a normal PHP object as a parameter source?
  4. I work as a as a developer PHP,Where and which profile do I apply for a job?
  5. I have close to zero coding experience and I wish to develop an app. Should I learn to code?Which app market should I target initial- iOS or Android?
  6. What are the different steps to test web service (SOAP/REST) in PHP?How good to use FW that service was developed i.e Jersey, JAX-xx, Restassured etc?
  7. What should be the right order of reading Head initial series PHP books?Those books are Head initial PHP, HF Servlets and JSP n many more. See details?