Will javascript replace java?

Started by Gray, October 30, 2014, 10:20:12 PM

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Hi all, I would like to ask you a little question about a particular case, I would like to know will javascript replace java I thank you please inform me please.


No, JavaScript is an interpreted language. That is to say, the source code of the script is the one that will be used to execute it. The browser reads the source code embedded in the pages, in the HTML language, and interprets this code to give an execution. Each browser has its own interpretation of the script.
Java is a compiled language. This is the case for most programming languages. The developer designs a program and code. The source code is then compiled in illegible language for us, but that will be executed by the Java virtual machine. The virtual machine is integrated into your browser. In the HTML code of the pages, is coded a call to a Java applet. The Java applet, compiled by the developer, is downloaded and executed.