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  1. How might I write a program in C or c++ that allows me to sketch on my Desktop on my Mac OS above my applications?
  2. I'm a data scientist and use c++ to develop machine learning pipelines. How do I make my c++ code production-ready?
  3. How can I use the subprocess module in c++ 2.7 to create a shell that will be open for the duration of the program?
  4. Are skills used in applications of c++ to one discipline transferable to applications of c++ in another discipline?
  5. Done with R, I am currently learning c++. Which IT companies can I begin applying for the role of a data scientist?
  6. What are considerations to take into account for a c++ web app that takes an input file and returns an output file?
  7. Why should we know more than one sorting algorithm in c++ (bubble, insertion, selection) if all are doing same job?
  8. How do programmers decide that a particular language, like say c++ is more powerful than the rest like PHP and Ruby?
  9. What are some good projects to work on while learning MEAN Stack at bootcamp?I have already learnt c++ with Flask.?
  10. I am trying to create a program that shuffles a dice and returns a random number. Is my c++ code anywhere near that?
  11. How can I specify Random Forest algorithm in c++ that sections of my image that I want to classify are not disjoint?
  12. Why do companies develop their own selenium testing framework when many open source frameworks are already available?
  13. How do I access the os gui with c++ i.e controlling mouse and keyboard on linux and winows both with my own hardware?
  14. Have any scientists created online c++ notebooks for their papers that other people can remotely run online for them?
  15. What are cool tricks or techniques you can do with c++ in terms of being more productive and getting work done faster?
  16. How do I start writing a software?I am a student of computer science! I have studied Languages like C,C++, Java, c++.?
  17. What are some potential conflict issues when both c++ 2.7 and c++ 3.5 are installed on a Linux machine running Ubuntu?
  18. I am a senior front-end developer who wants to change technical focus - considering c++ or Swift. What should I choose?
  19. What information from the human resource module can be used by the payroll module in order to reduce duplicate entries?
  20. As a developer, do you contribute to open source?Is it necessary for developers to contribute in open source projects?
  21. I am applying for undergrad compsci. How can I make the interviewers believe I have a genuine interest for the subject?
  22. I want to learn c++ for Analytics and Data Science. Can you please guide me how to proceed from basic to advanced level?
  23. I have my backend code in c++ and front-end in jsp how do I process information from backend to frontend and vise versa?
  24. Is there a c++ equivalent (or similar) to a Java book called "Introduction to Java Programming - Comprehensive version"?
  25. Backend frameworks with JavaScript are gaining in popularity, does it still make sense to learn c++ for web development?
  26. Why is there a sudden demand for SQL and c++ based ETL frameworks when robust ETL tools like PowerCenter and SSIS exist?
  27. I want to collect the contents pages of 3 medical journals (jama, nejm, bmj) by webscraping with c++ 3. Any suggestions?
  28. What strategy do you use for learning Languages and new technologies frequently without getting overwhelmed and confused?
  29. How can you apply a TensorFlow model for image processing in a real time application with eg. my laptop's webcam footage?
  30. I tryied to cythonize some c++ code but the result (time measurement) is worse then pure c++ code.What could be the reason?
  31. Should I begin the HackReactor technical interview if I am not very familiar with JavaScript but am very proficient in c++?
  32. I am just learning c++, my initial language. What is recommended next if I want to know enough to hire a team of developers?
  33. What's the best sequence to learn data analysis for physical oceanographic data. From the Math to c++ knowledge in 6 months?
  34. What do I need after I have downloaded c++ to be able to code a program, where do I actually code the codes, and all around?
  35. Can I create an online Android app with back-end and Java for just front-end?I want to utilise Java's beautiful GUI models.?
  36. Why did Google create Go when it could use PyPy that has JIT compiler which claims to be faster than the Cython by 6.3 times?
  37. When with Spyder (Anaconda) IDE for a few hours the IDE will get "behind" by one or two commands. Is there a reason for this?
  38. Why I can not get an element's child when with the iterparseriterparser of c++'s xml.etree.cElementTreexml.etree.cElementTree?
  39. How do I build a script that looks for certain keywords e.g on my Facebook feed and hides the posts containing them, with c++?
  40. What languagewill be good to learn if a person want to work in a computational fluid dynamics lab (between Fortran, C++, c++)?
  41. When we write 'from datetime import datetime' in c++, what activities take place at the backend to fetch the current datetime?
  42. Should we use R or c++ to develop a highly statistical software analyzing real time data and updating data as it is coming in?
  43. I am preparing for a c++ programming job. How can I use the Cracking the Coding Interview” book to prepare for this interview?
  44. Was Zed Shaw right implying that programming can be a "secret weapon" in other industries like biology, math, political science?
  45. Why are JavaScript and c++ so popular, even for large scale web applications despite all the hatred for being dynamically typed?
  46. What is the fastest JavaScript library for computations on vectors / matrices, and how does it's speed compare to c++ libraries?
  47. Which one is a more comprehensive read for c++, Dive into c++ 3” or How to think like a Computer Scientist: Learning with c++”?
  48. I am trying to calculate the GCT with this c++ code. Why does it keep returning zero when I enter the cost of the good purchased?
  49. I'd like to move on from PHP. Which offers the best chances for finding work: Ruby on Rails, c++ , JavaScript and Node, or other?
  50. Our teacher expects us to do a problem a certain way, but I found a way to do it just as well. Should I still try my teachers way?