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  1. Can I use c++ for technical interviews in campus placement or is it necessary to stick to C++ or Java?
  2. If I do the given courses from Coursera in the order given in the details, am I doing something wrong?
  3. What is a package in c++ or R for training an n-gram language model and receiving perplexity as output?
  4. What is the distinction between Prolog and c++ with respect to coding artificial Intelligence problems?
  5. Are there any good online tutorials or courses on setting up and scaling or Postgres web applications?
  6. Which language should I use for create a database application in an organization, either NodeJs or c++?
  7. Where can I find learning material for c++ specifically the type required for engineering applications?
  8. Is there any single code editor available for programming of C, C++, Java, c++ and Javascript programs?
  9. How do I ensure that my application is is alsteps available and consistent even when deploying changes?
  10. What is the distinction between c++ scripting and c++ coding explain the difference with simple program?
  11. Which one is the best framework to handle c++ based AWS lambda development?Two of them are Apex, Kappa.?
  12. Can we use a mask in the place of threshold in OpenCV with c++ and What is the distinction between them?
  13. Is the content related to c++ development published on Code School sufficient to become a c++ developer?
  14. How do I count occurrence of each character in each column in a file having multiple sequences with c++?
  15. Would including c++ into early schooling will be beneficial for kids to improve their analytical skills?
  16. With industry rapidly moving towards adoption of c++, what role you see R playing in medium to long term?
  17. When with Jupyter through locahost, does my c++ code compile on a remote server or locally on my desktop?
  18. What Windows version should I use for c++, Ruby, Elixir, Clojure, Scala, Java, Go, C# backend development?
  19. I am a c++/ developer with 3 years of experience. What books, site should I read to become data scientist?
  20. What kind of jobs does a person who has learnt Java can expect and a person who has learnt c++ can expect?
  21. How do I find glitches/distortions in huge number of wave files automatically with any scripting language?
  22. After four years of experience with Linux, how much of a help can learning c++(Language) be to my profile?
  23. Which version of c++ shall a beginner use who is just starting to learn quantitative analysis for trading?
  24. If I use SAS, R and c++ what are other softwares I require for smooth working on Data Science related work?
  25. If you needed to go from some beginner c++ knowledge to getting a coding job in 6 weeks, what would you do?
  26. What are the best paid websites to learn programming, web development and algorithm with capstone projects?
  27. How can I search in data frame rows based on information coming from each row of another data frame in c++?
  28. What are some notable differences between c++ 2 and 3 that a person migrating from 2 to 3 should take note?
  29. I want to get a backend developer job, should I focus on c++ or I should also spend some time learning Java?
  30. If you've been programming in c++ for years, what aspects of how JS behaves would seem unintuitive or weird?
  31. Why does Ubuntu use c++ v2 as default and not v3 given that v2 is going to end-of-life in a few years' time?
  32. I know the basics of C++ and Java. Should I learn c++ before I start learning Data Structures and Algorithms?
  33. c++ 3 has a new print function, what is the best online video to learn how to use the new print function well?
  34. How can I earn $20 in a week with c++ without getting a job?I don't have any real job programming experience.?
  35. As Quora could optimize its c++ codes with C++, why does Dropbox still rewrites part of its backend in Golang?
  36. In what specific project I could use my knowledge in c++, R, MySQL and VBA / Excel as well as basic statistics?
  37. Is anyone able to explain concept of double recursive call in a function with the help of stack representation?
  38. Can a person give me advice on building a robust, scaleable bot in c++ for sports betting with machine learning?
  39. How do I run my c++ code in GPUs?I have a neural net program in PyBrain; is it possible to use GPUs in PyBrain?
  40. Should I start learning Scala or c++ or AngularJS or R as secondary skill?I have 4 years of experience in Java.?
  41. What would you recommend for web development, c++/ or MEAN stack, keeping in mind it's present and future scopes?
  42. Where can I find an open source implementation of a recommender system with an explanation of how the code works?
  43. At this point, with languages like c++, Ruby and Node, and their frameworks, is there any worth learning/with PHP?
  44. How crucial is to know c++ in increasing the chances of being hired by a non-IT Engineering company after the PhD?
  45. How do I create or link common c++ files, that I alsteps seem to copy into new projects, from old project folders?
  46. I'm creating an automated test framework with c++ as a freelancer, what career path can I take after this project?
  47. Is there an API that will allow me to create a torrent for a local directory and add that new torrent to?orrent?
  48. Which language is more compatible in backend between c++ and Java with JavaScript (Front-end) for web development?
  49. What techniques and tools do i need to develop a system that classifies bank packages for customers with big data?
  50. I have joined as a Developer in a small company in Mohali?How can I become junior engineer to senior developer?