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  1. How do I develop a maths to braille converter where I have the basic knowledge of c++ and C++?
  2. Which is a good book that teaches how to integrate C/C++ code in c++ for numeric computations?
  3. Can I use c++ language to build a lotto machine that allows users to play lotto with coupons?
  4. What are the things I need to learn before attending 1.5 to 2 years experienced c++ developer?
  5. Is it a good idea for Minecraft to release a PC version that allows kids to do c++ programming?
  6. How do I implement a convolutional neural network for image classification from scratch in c++?
  7. What is the c++ script to copy content from a file and replace it with a string in another file?
  8. Is Bottle a good framework for building API only applications for mobile applications and SPA's?
  9. If I am a good java programmer then can I study Machine Learning in java instead of c++ or Ruby?
  10. "Build a c++ iterator for embedded lists" Is this a fair question for an entry level programmer?
  11. Where can I get easily reusable codes for web development in c++ as a newbie to web development?
  12. What is the best way to do data pre-processing with c++, when you can't fit all the data in RAM?
  13. I was thinking of learning c++ basics, are there any free online courses anyone can recomend me?
  14. Why has c++ become so popular in academia superseding other languages like C, C++, Java, and C#?
  15. I want to wrap C++ objects in c++, can you point to a simple instrumentation framework to do so?
  16. Is there any difference between StringUtills.endWith ("str","substr") and str.endWith ("substr")?
  17. What is the best book for learning programming in c++?I have some experience with C programming.?
  18. How does a fresher set his foot in the door for data science, both in terms of learning and jobs?
  19. How knowledge of Languages such as c++, Java, Ruby etc could help bankers at their specific area?
  20. How can I make a c++ program that searches for the definition of a list of words on the Internet?
  21. Is there a way to make a c++ program that shows average monthly Google searches based on a query?
  22. What's a good book to learn basic and intermediate c++ considering I know a bit of C programming?
  23. Why has the c++ languagehas been successful in surpassing the capabilities of alternatives like R?
  24. How can I collect information from web to get recipes based on the given ingredients as the input?
  25. How do I get details of source and destination address of each transaction in blockchain with c++?
  26. What advantages would c++ (Flask) have over Node (with Express) when developing a web application?
  27. Can we do data analytics on large corporate data sets with c++ only?(no SQL & Java involved) Why?
  28. Is it possible to recognize other language rather than English with c++ SpeechRecognition package?
  29. What are some advantages and disadvantages of saving Java script files externally as script files?
  30. Why this code giving 0 as output whereas if we use ++j in place of j++ then it gives 100 as output?
  31. How do I write c++ code to find all specific places in a city and insert the results in a database?
  32. Shark(c++) vs scikit-learn (c++) which is best for building real-time machine learning application?
  33. How can I render changing numbers from a flash game into c++ variables, that I can use in a script?
  34. Will c++ alone fulfills the requirement of Programming to become a good cyber security professional?
  35. How hard is to develop a computer vision algorithm in c++ to compare if two signatures are the same?
  36. Is Julia a good language for building recommendation engines (when compared with R, C, Java or c++)?
  37. What can be the criteria for dropping weak variables from time series or regression analysis models?
  38. Can anyone give me an example of c++ code for reading and storing coordinates of points into arrays?
  39. Is it best practice to deploy a c++ package that provides helper functions to more than one project?
  40. Which version of c++ should I use in 2016 in Machine Learning and Data Science, c++ 2.7 or c++ 3.0+?
  41. Is c++ an easy language like designed for kids while Scala a complex language like designed for PhDs?
  42. Is there a library which supports interactive manipulation of 2d line charts and/or 3d scatter plots?
  43. Are there projects that implement 'Progressive Web applications' and 'App Shell Architecture' in c++?
  44. Why does VIDLE¯ for Vc++ā€¯ return me this error?ImportError: numpy.core.multiarray failed to import?
  45. how is this resolved in c++. What does initial and second datetime stand for?
  46. What permissive open source license should I choose for a c++ 2 project that prohibits c++ 3 porting?
  47. I'm wondering if I should take Web development (c++) or software development (c# or Java) as a class?
  48. What language programming (in terms of speed) is best suitable for huge and heavy matrix calculations?
  49. What happens if I import from future in c++ even though I am already with the most recent c++ version?
  50. Which languagePHP or c++ is used more for automation testing?I am asking this from job point of view.?